0.6.5 - First release! What's in it, what's coming

Hello everyone! First of all, thanks for getting in the Hellish Inc. ARCADE Beta!

It's been a month since i've started development and i'm exited to finally have it on the hands of more players. While it's playable in it's current state, there's a lot left to do. 

Here's a list of what's done and what's planned:

In the game:

  • Upgradeable stats:  5 different stats, 15 upgrades in total, with an added item (the extractor) and purchaseable Employees.
  • Procedural level generation: 19 different 'chunks', with an intro chunk and an exit chunk.
  • 7 types of enemies, including static spikes
  • Co-op mode: it works fine, but it needs a rebalance (for now it's the same game but with 2 players)

Planned for future releases:

  • More upgrades: gratly expanded item selection, and 1-2 new stats to upgrade.
  • More enemy types.
  • Optional boss(es?).
  • More level variety.
  • Rebalance of the 'Classic mode'. For now it's a slightly easier normal mode, but that will change.
  • Mini tutorials at the start of the level after purchasing a big upgrade. (and make them as non-invasive as possible!)
  • New and improved upgrade menu.
  • New and improved main menu.
  • Quality of life improvements (Pause menu, option menu, etc.).
  • Bug fixes. lots and lots of bug fixes

For now that's it! See you at the Hellish Inc. ARCADE community!

-Juan Ferreras, GEARMONKEY


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Version 3 Oct 31, 2017

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