0.7.0 - The 'Test your might' update

Hello everyone! 

Today's the day of the first Hellish Inc. ARCADE big update! i've been working on this update for a while, which reworks almost everything going on behind the scenes in the game, even adding new content and making it easier for me to add new stuff in the future!

I hope you like it, and good luck in the all-new GLOBAL RANKINGS!


  • Added local/global ranking
  • Added all new upgrade screen
  • Changed bullet graphics depending on charge
  • Reworked how tiles work, making use of a new auto-tile system (there are some rendering bugs, but i'm working on a fix, don't worry)
  • Reworked upgrade paths, now it's easier to know what upgrades you will be getting on your next life.
  • Added gun charge, dash shield, dash bashing, and even more upgrades to the list.
  • Added gun charge bar to the HUD
  • Added different damage text for fully charged shots
  • Enemies now leave corpses when they die
  • Removed Classic Mode (i'm sorry! but having 2 slightly different modes meant double the code for not a lot of benefit)
  • The usual bug fixes and tweaks

Hope you like this update! like always, leave your suggestions and bug findings in the community section



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Version 0.7.0 Nov 25, 2017

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